3 Fresh Ways to Enjoy Carrots


Shaved, chopped and sliced. Fresh and roasted. These are some of the usual ways you might see carrots popping up at mealtime. Packed with fiber, potassium, trace minerals, as well as vitamins B and C, carrots are entirely too flavorful and bountiful to limit to salads, soups and roasted on sheet trays.

Here are three new ways to use carrots to make healthy, colorful and nutritious snacks and meals this season!


Looking for a new dip at your next party? Try grilling or roasting carrots and blending them with nuts, garbanzo beans or seeds to make a healthy, slightly sweet, spread or dip. This Quick & Delicious Roasted Carrot Butter makes toast and crackers shine and works as a great dip with crudités.



Sure, you’re no stranger to carrot cake. But carrot cake doesn’t have to mean big slathers of cream cheese frosting. What about a carrot cake that packs a nutritious punch that’s more suitable with coffee for breakfast rather than with birthday candles? We like this Black Sesame & Carrot Quickbread because it’s less sweet and has “snack” written all over it.



When it comes to pizza and flatbread, it seems that tomatoes and onions get all the attention, but don’t forget carrots. Use them as a garnish for grilled flatbread (or baked flatbread) and stop the show with a beautiful, unexpected dish that’s colorful and flavorful like our Grilled Carrot Flatbread with Ricotta and Herbs.


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