30 Health Hacks Inspired By #30, Stephen Curry

Stephen Curry, #30.

Record-breaking 73 game winner. Back-to-back MVP. First-ever unanimous MVP.

We’re hometown fans here at MyFitnessPal — and wanted to celebrate the man who is changing the game of basketball.

Here are 30 quick tips in honor of #30 that’ll change your health and fitness game:

1. Stretch.

2. Carry a water bottle.

3. Stockpile healthy snacks.

4. Shop at the farmer’s market.

5. Create a shopping list.

6. Cook with oils like olive, grape seed or canola instead of melted butter or margarine.

7. Substitute plain 2% Greek yogurt for sour cream, even on those baked potatoes.

8. Look at food as fuel.

9. Read one book, cover to cover, about the food industry.

10. Grocery shop once per week.

11. Make a standing exercise date with a friend 1 day per week.

12. Adopt a stair-only policy. 

13. Stay hydrated.

14. Read a book before bed.

15. Bike or walk to work.

16. Treat yourself to a personal training session once a month.

17. Choose whole grains.

18. Learn how to accept a compliment.

19. Make fast food restaurants within 50 miles of your home off-limits.

20. Plan 1 additional active outing or workout for every social event on your calendar.

21. Dedicate 1 day / week to catching up with a friend or family member.

22. Turn your alarm clock around and don’t look at it once the lights are off.

23. Do jumping jacks, crunches, squats, lunges or push-ups every time your favorite television programs cut to commercial break.

24. Exercise early in the morning or right after work.

25. Meditate or stretch quietly for 5-10 minutes before beginning each day. 

26. Wear sunscreen.

27. Go booze-free during the workweek.

28. Swap soda for water.

29. Eat veggies with breakfast.

30. Smile.

You can do all things.

Go Warriors!

Got a quick tip? Let us know in the comments!

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