6 Beginners Guides for Workout Inspiration


Sometimes the hardest part of anything new is simply getting started. Beginning can be a daunting task. And that’s where our series of Beginners Guides come in. Whether you’re looking to get a primer — or just a refresher — on anything from joint health to strength training to learning about the latest workout trend (hint: it’s Solidcore), we hope these guides will serve as a motivating launching point.

Beginners Guides for Health & Fitness

The Beginners Guide to Joint Health

There are actually 147 joints in the human body — and all of them need attention. Many of us take our joints for granted and don’t pay attention to them until it’s too late. Joints have a direct effect on our daily movements and activities, so it’s important that we give them the proper attention and care they deserve.

The Beginners Guide to Strength Training

Functional strength workouts are designed to train your central nervous system to recruit muscles effectively to handle a variety of moves, whether it’s lifting, pushing or pulling. While this type of program won’t turn you into a mirror image of Arnold Schwarzenegger, it will allow you to execute a wide range of activities with greater ease.

The Beginners Guide to Solidcore

There are always trendy workouts out there, but one that is quickly rising to the top is Solidcore. Solidcore offers a high-intensity, low-impact, total-body 50-minute workout. Key to this is a resistance-based machine similar to a spring-loaded Pilates reformer machines but more hardcore. The idea here is that when you do exercises at a slow pace, you don’t receive any assistance from momentum.

Beginners Guides for Running

Beginners Guide to Running

For the most comprehensive take on running — the benefits, finding the right shoe, training and training frequency, injury prevention and more.

Sports Nutrition 101 for New Runners

This is where you’ll learn about the basics for fueling and hydrating pre- and post-run, and get the 411 on carbs.

The Beginners Guide to Running for Weight Loss

Here you’ll find the basics of getting started on a running regimen, how to create a calorie deficit and still have energy to run.

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