Alkaline Diet: The Ultimate Guide to Clean Eating, Weight Loss, and Taking Back Control over Your Health

Few diets out there in the world are perhaps as much effective and misunderstood as the Alkaline Diet! A diet that helps to keep the body healthy by eliminating acid? Surely that sounds pretty absurd, right?

But believe me; once you have completely gone through the book, you are going to look at this diet through a completely different perspective!

Largely known as Alkaline-Ash Diet or even Acid-Ash Diet, the Alkaline Diet basically requires an individual to cut down on certain foods groups that are considered to be extremely “acidic.” The goal is to consume a diet that is rich in alkaline produce, such as fruits and vegetables.

While the credibility of the effectiveness of this diet is largely in debate amongst scientists and researchers, the positive impact that thousands of Alkaline Enthusiasts have gained by forming a lifestyle surrounding this diet is just unavoidable! I am going to let “You” be the judge of this.

As for this book, I have written it in such a way so that it is easily understandable to absolute newcomers who have no idea about the Alkaline Diet, but it also caters for experienced dieters who are looking for something new!

The whole book is written in simple, easy to understand language with the information spread across small bite-sized sections perfect for digesting within a few minutes! What’s more, I have included more than 30+ recipes for you to experiment and start changing your lifestyle one meal at a time!

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