Complete Fitness and Nutrition Journal – 148 Pages Plus Cover :: 66 Day Daily Tracker for Food Intake & Workouts :: Track Your Progress and Reach Your Weight Loss & Fitness Goals Faster

Is tracking your fitness habits worth the effort? Studies say “yes.” Start your path to a lifetime of wellness with this complete, easy-to-use fitness and nutrition journal. Do you start off strong with a diet and fitness regimen, only to be derailed by your busy life? Are you frustrated by a lack of results? Tracking and staying consistent are your best friends in your fitness journey, and our premium Fitness and Nutrition Journal makes it easy to do both. This journal incorporates the best features from dozens of other books to create a systematic yet simple way to chart your health and fitness journey. You’ll find 66 two-page spreads inside that give you loads of room for jotting down daily meals and workouts. There are even extras, such as a place to track your week-to-week progress, instructions on measuring BMI, determining ideal calorie intake, and much more. * 148 pages including cover * 66 daily tracking entries (2+ months’ worth) * 2-page spreads for tracking nutrition and exercise * Plenty of room for writing, including a spot for notes * Bonus pages for goal setting, before/after photos, & more * Designed by nutrition and fitness experts * Portable – slim, compact size * Stylish, durable design (so it lasts) Each page has space for jotting down what you ate throughout the day, as well as your mood and energy level. Log every detail of every workout, including muscle groups worked, weights lifted and reps performed, as well as what you did for cardio. Your Fitness and Nutrition Journal is constructed to last, with rugged paper materials that withstand plenty of use. Slip it into your work bag, gym bag, or purse so you can keep journaling no matter where you are. Get an edge in your quest for better health. Click “Add to Cart” to order your journal now.

Product Features

  • Achieve Your Goals Faster & Stay on Track: Research shows tracking your daily exercise and food in a fitness journal helps you reach your goals sooner – and maintain your results for the long term.
  • Covers 2+ Months of Tracking: Your workout & food journal includes 66 dual-page spreads with food exercise entries. This is long enough to see serious gains in weight loss, muscle tone, strength, and more.
  • Detailed, So You Know What’s Working – and What’s Not: With plenty of space for writing, your workout journal / log allows you to jot down nutritional content, exercise reps/sets, and more each day.
  • Made of Long-Lasting Paper Materials: Your fitness planner is constructed with durable, high-quality paper to ensure it stands up to lots of love. At 5.5″ x 8.5″, bring this notebook anywhere.
  • Whether you’re trying to lose weight or just want to be aware of your food intake, harness the power of food/workout journaling with this premium logbook from NewMe Fitness.

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