DASH Diet (Booklet): The DASH Diet for Beginners – Quick and Easy Steps to Lose Weight in 14 Days with DASH Diet (includes Delicious and Irresistible DASH Diet Recipes)

Emma S. Fisher has found the secret to today’s most popular and most successful diets. Fisher addresses the main issues that most beginners face when attempting to diet, such as the inability to starve oneself, or the lack of knowledge about a diet -will cause failure to become healthy and lose weight. Fisher introduces a revolutionary diet that was formulated by various health experts in the US—the Dietary Approach to Stop Hypertension, or what is commonly known as DASH Diet. This meal plan is endorsed by many health institutions and is recognized as the “Best Diet” by the US News & World Report for five years in a row. DASH Diet aims to address health problems related to poor diet and obesity such as high blood pressure, diabetes, and more. Contrary to many fad diets today, this diet will encourage you to still eat healthy and delicious meals and still help you lose weight; even if you’re just 14 days in the diet! This book will continue to describe DASH Diet, including the categories below: • What DASH Diet is all about • How can DASH Diet help you lose weight in 14 days • Foods that are included in the DASH Diet menu • Proper food portions in the DASH Diet • The Dos and Don’ts of the DASH Diet • Delicious and irresistible DASH Diet recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner Let this book be your guide as you begin living and eating healthy!

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