Detox Diet: Tips & Tricks How to lose weight fast (Weight Loss Series Book 5)

Detox Diet: Tips & Tricks How to lose weight fast


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Need to lose weight? There is a way that you can lose weight and live healthy just by eating.
Over the years, detox diet has been mostly thought of as a method of treating alcohol or drug dependence.
However, it’s being adopted these days as a diet plan to efficiently neutralize and remove environmental and dietary toxins from the body. Detox diets are short-term diets that help to reduce and limit the amount of chemicals consumed from taking organic foods. Detox diets lay emphasis on foods that provide the body with the needed antioxidants, vitamins, and nutrients for detoxification. These foods help increase urination and the rate and at which the bowels move, thereby drawing out and eliminating toxic substances from the body.

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