Fat Burner Ultra Raspberry Ketone with African Mango and Green Tea 600mg Veggie Caps 60 Day Supply Fast Acting Weight Loss Energy Booster 100% Guranteed By Active Labs

Active Laboratory Raspberry Ketone ultra is a Professional strength, highly potent Raspberry Ketone fat burning supplement designed for individuals wanting to eliminate fat and lose weight quickly without harmful side effects. Using only 100% all-natural ingredients, this powerful Raspberry Ketone weight loss formula will help you shed pounds fast, safe and effectively. Research has shown that Raspberry Ketone is considered to be not only one of the safest natural supplements for weight loss, but also one of the most effective. Raspberry Ketone increases the production of a hormone called adinopectin. Adinopectin controls changes in metabolic action and fat breakdown. A decrease of this hormone in the body is thought one of the main reasons for obesity and other diseases. The increased production of this hormone speeds up metabolism and increases lipolysis (fat breakdown) in the body.

We only use certified, effective, and scientifically-backed ingredients. We never add fillers or ingredients just for marketing purposes, a problem that is common & used with many of the popular brands found on Amazon or at your local supplement store or drugstore, instead, we give you the scientifically evaluated dosage amount of each ingredient to optimize best results.

Active Laboratory has been making health supplements for over a decade. At Active Laboratory, we’ve built a team of experts, respected PhD’s, medical doctors, researchers, nutritionists and fitness experts to formulate and create the highest quality supplements on the planet. Each of our formulas goes through a vigorous process of approval to create safe and highly effective nutrition products. All of our products are MADE IN THE USA in a FDA certified GMP Facility and 3rd party tested, which insures potency and purity with NO artificial flavors.

Product Features

  • CONCENTRATED EXTRA STRENGTH FORMULATION RECOMMENDED BY DOCTOR ..: extracted pure Raspberry Ketones clinical grade strength, proprietary blend, quickly absorbed, very effective for quick results.
  • PROFESSIONALLY FORMULATED: Includes African Mango and Green Tea for maximum results, which boost’s the bodies adiponectin levels.
  • APPETITE SURPRESSANT: Helps prevents cravings for food and reduces hunger for junk foods and snacks.
  • FASTER FAT BURNING: Increases fatty acid metabolisum while controling food intake, resulting in faster weight loss without engaging in tough dieting and exercise programs.
  • MADE IN USA: Manufactured in a FDA certified CMP Facility. Includes leading industry 100% empty bottle refund guarantee.

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