Green Smoothies: 20-day super easy vegan Smoothie Challenge! Lose weight and still enjoy your food! + over 30 bonus smoothies!

If you want to try some delicious green fruit and herb based smoothies, want to get healthier or even lose weight then this is the right book for you. Using this diet you can successfully lose up to 10kg in 20 days.

James Ryan and his team at Healthy Health lifestyle have produced another fantastic book. James who wrote this himself takes you on a journey through his experience of a 20 day smoothie challenge.

Through this journey he gives you all the tips and tricks you need to get through the challenge. He walks you through all the scientific reasoning for the diet and why its soooo good for you!

In true Healthy Healthy Lifestyle fashion, the book make it super simple for you to start this diet today! There is a shopping list, day to day guide and a bunch of amazing and delicious smoothies for you to try!

In this book you will find
-Amazing and delicious easy to make smoothies
-A step by step guide to lose up 10kg in the space of 20 days!
-The perfect way to start the challenge
-Scientific but easy to read information on all the foods and techniques used within this challenge to lose weight!
-Over 60 bonus healthy green smoothies !

Get started today – and you wont regret it

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