Green Tea – Weight Loss Pills – Detox Cleanse – Burn Belly Fat – Lose Weight Naturally Fast – Dietary Supplement – Pure Extract – For Men & For Women – Pre Workout + Natural Energy – Made by Phytoral

Lose weight naturally with the help of our Green Tea supplement! Loaded with many natural antioxidants, this potent fat burner is great for your body. Melt the flab and drop those pounds, as you reach your weight loss goals with ease. This is the perfect complement to your slimming efforts.

Green Tea contains caffeine, which boosts energy and aids in fat burn. However, the main advantage of this weight loss supplement is the wide variety of catechins it contains. In particular, it is rich in EGCG (Epigallocatechin gallate), which significantly boosts metabolism. Taking Green Tea every day is an excellent way to lose weight!

It even helps in breaking down fat and releasing it to be used for energy. Because of this, you burn more calories throughout the day, even without any additional effort. Studies show that it is particularly effective at reducing visceral fat. Not only does this help you get a sexier physique, it’s good for your health too.

Lose weight and improve your energy levels with one of the industry’s most famous fat burners. Our product is made in the United States, and it’s backed by a 100% Money Back Guarantee. Here at Natures Design, we always put the customer’s satisfaction first.

Product Features

  • Why Is Green Tea Extract good for Pre Workout? – It contains natural caffeine which gives you more energy, Also contains EGCG which breaks down fat and turns it into energy to power through workouts.
  • More Energy + More Calories Burning = Optimal Fat Burn – Your body Is constantly burning calories, Green tea boost the metabolic rate so you burn more calories when exercising and even resting.
  • Fat Burner – This Pure Extract contains Antioxidents that help melt and burn fat especially during exercise. The natural caffeiene stimulates the break down of fat so it burns off faster!
  • Weight Loss – Green Tea Dietary Supplement boosts the metabolism and may reduce you appetite which reduces calorie intake. Also Cleanses and Detoxes for maximum weight loss.
  • 100% Money Back Gaurenteed – We make our products with natural ingredients to insure that we give you the best products available. If you are unsatisfied you are entitled to 100% of your money back.

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