How to Lose 40 Pounds (Or More) in 30 Days with Water Fasting (How To Lose Weight Fast, Keep it Off & Renew The Mind, Body & Spirit Through Fasting, Smart Eating & Practical Spirituality)

Do you ever ask yourself: “Will I ever lose this weight? Will I reach my goal?” How many times have you said to yourself: “This year I’m going to lose weight. This is absolutely it!” Indeed, these are sobering questions and statements. As a 300+ pound obese man caught in the grips of binge eating disorder, so far gone that everyone thought I was going to die, so down that even treatment centers didn’t want me, so lost that I locked myself in my apartment with boxes of pizza, planning to eat myself to death, I can say without hesitation that I KNOW how painful it is to see ourselves overweight year after year, getting fatter as well as older, and with no indication that anything could change.

Let me ask you a simple question: Given the chance, would you dive in and do whatever it took to achieve your weight loss goals? Wouldn’t you like to find a system where you could lose one-to-three pounds daily and never gain the weight back? Well, I’m here to tell you that there IS hope! I escaped from the hellish prison of obesity and binge eating, and now my work is to carry the message to others that losing weight and keeping it off CAN be done, and that nothing will get you there quicker than water fasting, AND the implementation of a structured eating plan.

Welcome to How to Lose 40 Pounds (Or More) in 30 Days With Water Fasting, a complete manual for fast and permanent weight loss. We will talk about water fasting, what it is, how it works and how it can help you lose weight faster than any other method known to man. I’ll promptly give you a list of banned foods along with a shopping list and menu options to launch a 14-day pre-fasting diet, a simple but powerful calorie restriction regimen designed to kick start weight loss and detoxification – before the actual water fast begins.

Hunger and fasting detox symptoms are discussed in detail and we’ll look at a variety of tricks and mental techniques that can help you traverse the rough spots without throwing in the towel. We’ll also talk about and look at various scientific studies which continue to provide proof that fasting and calorie restriction are beneficial for human health and quality of life. I’ll talk about the spiritual side of fasting and outline a simple yet powerful way to tap into this mystery. Having completed the 14-day Pre-Fasting Preparation, you’ll pick a date and prepare to launch a life-changing 30-day water fast. However, intermittent fasting options are given for those who may not be ready to go the distance yet.

To accompany you through the water fast, I’ve put together 11 motivational messages that will encourage you as well as remind you of the material we covered in previous chapters. Furthermore, I’ll explain in detail how to appropriately break a long-term fast. A 10-day ‘breaking a fast’ program is outlined which includes day-to-day instructions on what to drink and eat, what to avoid and how juicing fruits and vegetables can give the digestive system a tremendous boost after a prolonged fast. After the 10 days of re-feeding are completed, we’ll move into the final phase which encompasses the introduction of a simple but effective long-term diet that can help you lose more fat as well as stabilize your weight for good.

Furthermore, as part of this special edition book, you receive access to The Fasting Masterclass, a six-module, multimedia webinar in which the author talks about fasting from A to Z and provides plenty of motivation, encouragement and inspiration. You can download the material in video or audio format from inside the book. With all of this detailed content at your fingertips, and with the assistance of the mental tricks and techniques presented in this book, you are poised to break through barriers and achieve your weight loss goals once and for all.

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