How to Lose Belly Fat: Meal Plans for Ultimate Weight Loss for Men and Women in 8 Weeks: Step-by-Step Guide For Burning Body Fat

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Shhhh… Don’t Tell Anyone About This Wonderful Secret!

Here You Will Find The Ideal Way How To Lose Belly Fat Forever and It Will Make Your Life So Much Healthier and Successful!

Want to Get An Ultimate Weight Loss and The Most From Your Life?

You know, it’s funny… other books are full of unnecessary diet recipes or exercises: almost every diet recipe contains tons of complicated and harmful meal plans, exercises while you are actually looking for a really healthy way to lose fat. How useful is that kind of book? We’ll answer that: NO USEFUL AT ALL. Wish it had more easy meal plans and less harmful for your health ways to lose weight. You know what can help you? There’s just one answer to this questions – this book with step-by-step guide and meal plans to burn your body fat.


Do You Want To:

  • make your personal meal plan for losing weight in a healthy way?
  • save your time and money of different ineffective and harmful diets, exercises?
  • get your personal trainer wherever you are

You Might Already Tried Different Meal Plans And Diets, But This Book Will Take You To The Next Level!

This book gives you

  • exact step-by-step guide for burning body fat
  • the knowledge base about the energy consumption of the body
  • possible results of certain diets, possible dangers, and pieces of advice to understand whether your body has a positive response to the chosen program
  • main errors while being on a diet and reasons for the absence of result for those who like to read through the lines
  • calculation of the personal proportions, ounces, and calories
  • daily meal plans for man and woman
  • analyze the effect of muscle growth, the general processes of anabolism and why the catabolism is more important for the weight loss
  • how and when you should do a cardio workout, power exercises and reveal more details about the aerobic exercises

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“The book is very useful, concise, and surprisingly detailed. I highly recommend this book to anyone who really wants to lose weight” – Anthony Monfet

“Edward has shown us how truly our body works, how easy and healthy the way of losing weight can be. I couldn’t wait and started implement all in practice!” – John Harding

“This is a wonderfully written book for busy people and healthy weight losing!” – April Chikosky

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