How To Lose Weight : Fat Burner (Turbo Fat Loss Book 1)

Following a diet plan which includes high protein and fiber helps a lot to burn the excess fat around your middle. This book is packed with tons of helpful diet tips just as it is on but it takes the lesson to a higher level. The body burns more calories in digesting protein than fat. Also cycling your diet between low carb and high carb is also of great help. In this kind of diet one is allowed to have three meals in a day. Once in a week the dieter is allowed to eat whatever he likes but for one hour only. The concept of this diet is burn fat as the primary source of energy. Also altering between high carb and low carb helps in manipulating the glycogen metabolism and doesn’t let the body to store fat. Bad carbs causes fatigue and sleepiness after the meal, so it is suggested to include good carbs in our diet that include brown rice , corn, white and sweet potatoes, pasta, fruit, and whole white bread. You should also include protein rich foods in your diet like eggs oat meal low fat dietary products, lean cuts meal. Sample diet for high carb day Breakfast: Whole grain toast with honey, yogurt and fruit salad Lunch: Turkey breast along with sweet potato (baked), green salad along with low fat dressing Dinner: Chicken breast, zucchini, whole grain pasta Dessert: Fruits Sample diet for low carb day Breakfast: Omelet of egg white with salsa and cheddar cheese Lunch: Avocado and tuna with raw and large vegetable salad Dinner: stir or fry lean beef with peanut sauce and broccoli Apart from following the above given sample diet plan people can consider the beneficial aspects of the following fat burning foods and can include them accordingly. Eggs: Eggs are very high in protein and can burn that undesired belly fat. Eggs contain vitamin B12, a great supplement that breaks down fat cells. There is a lot more to cover on the topic of weight loss in this book. Pick up your copy, you will be glad you did.

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