How to Lose Weight through the Power of Prayer

Reverend Moyers went from 250 pounds to 210 to 175, and all without lifting a finger—only by raising his hands to pray. Are you ready to go on his same journey? Are you ready to help your body reach its true potential through your belief in Christ?

This is the diet for Christians who are sick of dieting! NO you do not have to change your eating habits; NO you do not have to start exercising. All you have to do is utilize the greatest power available to mankind: the power of prayer. Conceived of by Reverend Keith Moyers and approved of by nutrionist Cadie Kay, this revolutionary method just might change your life—starting with your waistline. Learn why Moyers and Kay are speaking to sold-out crowds across the nation, and why they are already being praised by prominent figures in the fields of both Christian AND nutrition sciences.

It might sound impossible, but with the power of the Lord on your side, nothing is impossible.

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