Meal Prep Guide: Discover How To Lose Weight, Spend Less Time In The Kitchen And Eat Healthier With Meal Prepping

Discover How To Save Time And Eat Healthy Dishes By Cooking Your Meals In Advance

Do you work a full-time job or just have a busy lifestyle and find it difficult to prepare a healthy meal every day? Cooking takes time, and with our busy lives not everybody can spend hours in the kitchen everyday. Meal prepping, also known as batch cooking, is the definitive solution to this problem. By learning how to cook your meals in advance and store them safely you’ll be able to easily save time (and money) while still eating healthy, homemade food.

In this book you’ll learn all the basics you need to know to start meal prepping your food in advance and store it safely. You’ll also find over 70 delicious recipes suitable for meal prepping that will teach you how to cook delicious dishes for your breakfasts, dinners, lunches, desserts, and lunch boxes.

You’ll learn:

  • How To Save Time And Cook Healthy Dishes With Meal Prepping
  • The Meal Prep Method: How To Prep And Safely Store Eggs, Meat, Grains And Fruits
  • 70+ Delicious Recipes To Save Time And Cook Healthy Dishes For Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner And Dessert.
  • One-Serving Smoothie Recipes For Healthy Snacks To Enjoy At Any Time Of The Day
  • And Much More

With this unique collection of recipes, you will be able to stock your refrigerator with tasty meals and snacks to please everyone in your household.

Here are some recipes you’ll find inside the book:

  • Mexican Breakfast Taquitos
  • Chickpea & Butternut Fajitas
  • Apple Butternut Squash Soup
  • Egg Cups
  • Black Bean & Sweet Potato Salad
  • Southwestern Sweet Potato Lentil Jar Salad
  • Cilantro Lime Chicken & Cauliflower Rice
  • Green Tropical Bowl
  • Almond Butter – Brown Rice Crispy Treats
  • Banana Strawberry & Green Smoothie

Stop eating junk food just because you don’t have enough time to cook healthy. Start meal prepping today!

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