Natural Diuretic Water Pill Relieve Water Retention and Bloating Lose Weight with 100% All Natural Ingredients Dandelion Vitamin B-6 & Green Tea Antioxidant for Women & Men By Huntington Labs

Excess water weight can be extremely frustrating. Walking around feeling bloated and swelled is no way to live. Though water is extremely important for the body, sometimes our body does not use all the water efficiently and we end up with extra bloat. This water pill diuretic is made with scientifically formulated natural ingredients such as vitamin B-6, dandelion, potassium, green tea, cranberry, and apple cider vinegar, that help the body expel excess water so you feel lighter and more energetic.

Product Features

  • LOSE EXCESS WATER-Water is one of the healthiest compounds for the human body. However, that does not mean that there cannot be too much of a good thing. Potassium Dandelion and Cranberry help the body expel excess water. Water retention can happen for a variety of reasons from health conditions to simply consuming too much salt. These diuretic water pills safely help your body expel the excess water is retains that can lead to uncomfortable sensations such as bloating and swelling.
  • SCIENTIFICALLY FORMULATED – When formulating this extra strength water pill, we knew we wanted ALL NATURAL ingredients that wouldn’t only detox the body from excess water, but would also boost overall health. We searched for the herbs vitamins and minerals that would do just that. Vitamin B-6 Potassium Chloride Dandelion Green Tea Juniper Berry Bucchu Leaves Apple Cider Vinegar Corn Silk Paprika and Watermelon are all powerful ingredients that benefit and heal the body in more ways than one.
  • GENTLE BUT EFFECTIVE RELIEF- When detoxing the body, one must be careful, as it can be a particularly taxing process for the organs. These premium capsules are extremely gentle and carefully assist the body in water loss without harming or unbalancing it. This supplement for water retention is not extreme in any way and not only detoxifies the body but also helps suppress appetite as well. Combined with a healthy diet and exercise routine, one will see their body become slimmer and shapelier.
  • SIDE EFFECT FREE- These Huntington Labs 100% high grade pure capsules are made with safe and effective but powerful ingredients which only benefit the body. That means NO FILLERS or anything else that could be harmful or reduce the effectiveness of this supplement. This superb propriety blend is more effective than any liquid drops powder gel tea essential oil or chewable form of a diuretic, and is perfect for both men and women.
  • 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED – our nourishing product is backed by a 100% money back guarantee – if you are not fully satisfied with our product we will refund you no questions asked!

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