NEW MAY’S WORLD natural lose weight fast slimming herbal recipe of fermented plum, Diet, Digestive, Fat burner, Detox, Constipation relief, Fatigue resistant

This product uses pure natural plum from Taiwan. Rich in dietary fiber, active enzymes and calcium, iron and other minerals, 100% natural non-toxic, with plum Garcinia cambogia extract (HCA) added, no artificial additives, coloring and preservatives. Helps the body’s metabolism, physical conditioning, provides good body environment, promotes digestion,100% natural, and delicious. It is a food supplement, good for the body and health, and safe to eat.

Product Features

  • HAPPY & HEALTHY slimming campaign with 1-2 plums per day
  • FAST & NATURAL weight loss reducing belly fat;TRADITIONAL HERBAL formula with a variety of refined herbs
  • RELIEVES constipation, pain and fatigue, KEEPS young looking
  • PROMOTES metabolism, ENHANCES nutrient absorption, ACTIVES the intestine
  • USAGE: 1-2 plums per day; Please stop 1-2 days after using one week and then continue ; Not suitable for pregnant ladies, kids and during menstrual period

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