Night Cravings Make Weight Loss Hard – Delicious NightFood Snack Bars 12-Pack, 100% Money-Back Guarantee. Nighttime Cravings & Midnight Munchies Get Worse When You Diet…Be Prepared!

Are your night cravings taking over?

Spending money on weight loss products or supplements?  Ever thought about better nighttime snacks?

Weight watchers and other weight loss experts identify unhealthy nighttime cravings and night snacking as the single biggest weightloss challenge for people dealing with weight management issues.

Think about it…How often do you find yourself trying to eat the right stuff all day only to mess it all up at night with cookies, chips, ice cream, or candy?

There’s a reason we get the midnight munchies…we’re all drawn to that stuff almost every night. Do you ever really have a “healthy dessert”?

Whether you refer to it as midnight munchies, late-night snack attack, killer cravings…it’s all the same.  At night, your appetite is strongest, cravings are junkiest, and willpower is weakest. That perfect storm is what we call “The CraveMonster”.

Experts recommend a small, healthy bedtime snack of 150 – 200 calories, consisting of mostly complex carbs, with a moderate amount of protein, and a lower glycemic profile.  We formulated NightFood to be exaclty that, and with GREAT taste and high in fiber.

Each bar also contains a full 500mg serving of patented Chocamine, a proprietary, caffeine free cocoa extract that delivers the many health benefits of chocolate, without the extra fat, calories, and sugar you get when you eat chocolate candy.

Bottom line, NightFood is specially formulated to satisfy your night cravings in a better, healthier, more sleep-friendly way. So, you don’t need to try to fight it anymore…

If you haven’t tried NightFood, order a box…or, order two so you can try both flavors.  You’re gonna love your new bedtime healthy snack for kids and adults.

Feed the CraveMonster!

Product Features

  • Order with promo code NFNEWCUS and save 25-33% on your first Night Food bar order!
  • SATISFACTION 100% GUARANTEED. Don’t like the bars? Easy! Just contact us for a refund. No need to send the rest back…just share remaining bars with friends, family, neighbors, and coworkers.
  • Unhealthy night snacking is the single biggest weight management problem for most health-conscious people. Don’t let unhealthy midnight cravings wreck your diet. Not just for people wanting to lose weight, NightFood snack bars are a delicious, healthy snack you can enjoy guilt-free, so you can stay on track, even when those midnight munchies hit.
  • All the weight loss products in the world won’t work when you give in to unhealthy night cravings. You now have a delicious snack that will satisfy your cravings, keeping you away from the junk that can make weightloss so hard. Nighttime junk & sugar cravings get worse when you try to diet and lose weight, making weight loss even harder. Tonight, be prepared.
  • NightFood is NOT an energy bar or protein bar! Avoid energy bars before bed. NightFood’s sleep-friendly nutritional profile means you won’t find the same energy boosting ingredients loaded in those other daytime healthy snacks. Sleep experts agree the best bedtime snacks are mostly complex carbs, high in fiber, and not too much protein…lower glycemic, and around 150 calories. NightFood was formulated by our food scientists to be exactly that.

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