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With Phenternin you Get more. More value, more tablets, extra large daily dose. That’s why Phenternin Hoodia diet is made with a large 750mg dose per pill & an extra large 90 count bottle. In this form it is superior to altered watered down products boasting as much as 1200mg formulas with only 60 tablets/bottle. We don’t use any cheap ingredients like Green Tea because we don’t need to, the product speaks for it self. That’s why Phenternin comes with a whopping 2,250mg daily dose of Hoodia & has no other active ingredients like Green Tea. Get more for your money with Phenternin 90 count bottle. Reported on CBS News 60 Minutes, “Hoodia, a plant that tricks the brain by making the stomach feel full, has been in the diet of South Africa’s Bushmen.” Hoodia has been used by indigenous people of Africa to suppress their appetite over long journeys. It’s amazing appetite suppression qualities were discovered by western scientists. These researchers found that hoodia may be used to support a diet when combined with a healthy diet & exercise plan. Hoodia became a phenomenon for many years & remains a popular diet. Follow a healthy diet & exercise to help you reach your diet goals safely & gradually. Product beige tablets have non active ingredients required to make item. 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Don’t like it? Send it back. Supplements can have a different effect on some. We stand behind our best-in-class products with 30 day money back guarantee; if you don’t like the product for any reason, send it back for a full refund. Remember, Hoodia takes time to start working, some reports indicate 2-4 weeks to 2 months, so it doesn’t matter if the effects hit your system in days or weeks. What’s important, is that you have it with you to take a few times a day & you remember to take it regularly for best results. Phenternin should be used as part of an overall healthier lifestyle including diet and exercise. Please consult a healthcare professional before starting any diet.

Product Features

  • ACHIEVE WEIGHT LOSS GOALS → Take Control of your Appetite Now. Many of us give in to our food cravings, eating more than our bodies need. Imagine your true diet results potential if only you could better control your appetite. Well, Phenternin has the potential to help; the secret is its powerful appetite suppressant ingredient qualities discovered by scientists. Strong appetite suppressor depressor that works.
  • ADVANCED DIET SUPPORT → Potent Pure Hoodia Active Ingredient Formula with extra large 90 count bottle and extra large 2250mg daily dose of the active ingredient with no other active ingredients to wittle down your diet effects. Support for thin skinny flat tummy.
  • SCIENTIFIC BREAKTHROUGH DESIGN → Phenternin has been designed to support your weight loss journey. Hoodia reports abound with Hoodia’s appetite suppression qualities. Scientists report of Hoodia’s promise to reduce hunger and even cravings! Phenternin offers an incredible formula with a super large 750mg/pill and a 2,250mg daily dose providing more Hoodia for your weight loss journey. Dietpills for women & men.
  • AVOID DANGEROUS STIMULANTS → Phenternin an all-natural based active ingredient appetite suppressant is also being applauded for containing no dangerous stimulants like caffine or guarna that may cause adverse side effects associated with weight loss products of the last decade. Avoid jittery, heart racing, blood raising ingreidnets & go with a top performing diet aide. Ephedra free best weightloss pills option.
  • 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE → With Phenternin be confident in your success w/ ith our 30-day guarantee (just return your bottle for any reason). You have nothing to lose but the weight w/ strong appetite suppressants sliming weightloss diet aide pills. Use only as directed. Weight loss in excess of 2 lbs per week may be dangeous and is not suggested. No expensive diet plans programs or weight loss clinics.

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