Solving The Diet Mystery – Modern Eating Dilemma and Food Wisdom: Understand Psychology Behind Dieting, Embrace Healthy Lifestyle and Holistic Approach to Lose Weight, Be Happy and Free From Dieting

What if I told you dieting is a myth?

Solving The Diet Mystery is book about modern eating dilemma; in today’s time of endless diets and fitness regimes endorsed by celebrities and fitness gurus alike, makes it easy to get swayed into believing that what is being propagated as the ‘miracle’ cure diet is indeed THE solution to all our problems.
There are hundreds of diets on how to reach a certain desired body ‘goal’ by following a diet. That is very easy, what is far more difficult is sustaining that weight loss and being content with it in the long run.
The health and fitness industry today is a multi-billion dollar enterprise. Every year hundreds of health books and videos are released, all guaranteeing their own successful ‘cures’ for weight-loss and health. However, as much as any health guru may promise it, there is NO one-size-fits-all cure that works for everyone. And if there was such a cure, then we would all be already reaping its benefits and singing its praises!

Yet here we are dissatisfied with our bodies, disgusted with our unending appetite for junk food and miserable at the thought of having to count our calories and curtail our portion sizes.

With this book, I don’t want to offer you yet another half-baked myth and convince you to give it a try because what may work for your neighbour Becky, may not suit you or your lifestyle needs at all.

What does work?

Series of small steps not only in our eating habits and exercise, but our overall lifestyle, our mind-set, thinking, and feelings included, having a holistic approach to dieting. And this is what this book primarily tries to achieve.
Eat wholesomely, locally grown food mindfully, exercise regularly, establish a positive relationship with yourself and others, be grateful, be gentle with yourself, love yourself, and others. Health, well-being, and body goals will definitely follow. Decide not to go hungry again or to dislike your body image again, escape dieting and overcome diet addiction, learn to embrace yourself, educate yourself and gently change the approach to healthy eating habits and healthy lifestyle that resonates with you.

Here is a preview of what book will cover:

  • Food Through The Ages
  • The Paradox of Modern Diets – No Food Lessons Learnt
  • Ancient Wisdom of Eating
  • Body Image Through The Ages
  • A Millennial’s Guide To The Dieting Galaxy
  • The Art Of Loving Food
  • The Many Meanings of Food
  • Strategies for Loving Food
  • Reassess your relationship with yourself and your food
  • Reassess relationship with others
  • Reassess relationship with your physical body
  • Reassess relationship with social media
  • Practical Strategies for Healthy Living

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