The Anti-Inflammatory Diet: Rescue 911-The Best Foods and Strategies to put out the Flame in Your Body (Autoimmune diseases)

Are you gaining weight and losing you’re your natural energy? Does your body feel totally burnt-out and you just can’t figure out why? The answer is inflammation!
Inflammation is your body’s first line of defense against all harm but what happens when that line of defense turns into a lethal, raging fire that’s trying to destroy you?
Chronic inflammation is at the root of almost all of the top most deadly diseases in the world. From cancer to diabetes, autoimmune disease to strokes and obesity to heart attacks, if it kills, chronic inflammation is to blame. A small amount of inflammation is a healthy response but when this protective flame turns into a massive, unstoppable wildfire, it’s only a matter of time before your body begins to burn down from the inside-out!
While chronic inflammation is claiming millions of lives around the world, you DON’T have to be its latest victim! If you take immediate action, there is still hope for you. Conventional doctors will tell you that once inflammation starts a dangerous series of diseases in your body, there is nothing you can do. But that’s absolutely not true. You don’t have to sit back and watch, as you self-destruct. You CAN save your body, your mind and your life from the clutches of this fatal fire, if you act now. But how?
The Anti-Inflammation Diet Plan will show you how to take the simple but absolutely necessary steps required to rescue your health, happiness and longevity from the flames!
This book is not simply about diets. There are plenty of diet books out there, from Paleo to Primal and back but not ONE of them has the holistic information you need to totally douse inflammation. In fact, just using one diet or another to deal with inflammation is like trying to put out an immense wildfire with a water hose.
With this book, I bring you a brand new approach with the complete natural ant-inflammatory diet and lifestyle solutions that will help you to call the world’s top PROVEN inflammation firefighters to the scene of your emergency. These anti-inflammatory “firemen” will race to the source, beat back the flames, stamp out all signs of inflammation and bring your mind, body and life safely back out of the fire!
The Life-Saving Information You’ll Find in This Book Includes:
•What is inflammation and how can it affect you?
•How you’re unknowingly setting yourself up for an inflammatory melt-down!
•How inflammation may be making you sick, sad and fat!
•The top anti-inflammatory foods you should be eating to douse chronic inflammation’s flames
•The one food that’s secretly setting off you all your emergency alarms!
•The ancient lifestyle secrets that can keep you slim, fit, sharp and vibrant!
•The elite anti-inflammation firefighters that will wipe out inflammation and keep the burn away, forever!
•And so much more!
Use this Anti-inflammatory Diet Plan to regain the health, fitness, joy and vitality you thought you’d lost forever. With easy to follow advice, ultra-effective strategies and even delicious inflammation-busting recipes included, this book will bring your body back from the brink of total destruction and give you a brand new, fit, strong and revitalized lease on life! Act NOW to access instant healing, weight loss and rejuvenation!

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