The Diet Fix: How to lose weight and keep it off… one last time

Oprah Winfrey is one of the most celebrated women in the world – she’s also one of the most famous yo-yo dieters. “It has been the battle of my life,” she has said, “… a battle I am still fighting every waking moment.”

Anyone who, like Oprah, has endured the vicious rollercoaster of losing, regaining and then putting on more weight knows that the advice we are being given doesn’t work. So, what does?

Dr Zoë Harcombe, PhD, experienced the misery of yo-yo dieting throughout her twenties and decided to use her scientific training to find a solution. She has spent the past 20 years studying diet, eating habits and the escalating obesity crisis and is now the go-to nutrition expert for some of the world’s leading doctors.

In The Diet Fix, Zoë reveals her 10-step plan for success.

Using evidence-based analysis, she tells us how to lose weight without hunger, how to eat better rather than less and, most importantly, how to make it different this time.

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