The Hunger Diaries, or: How to Lose Weight Fasting and Eating Well

WEIGHT – He lost 17 lbs of it in fifteen days!

Yes, he did! Now, best-selling author Andrew Mackay reveals how he pulled it off…

Until recently, Mackay existed on fast food, processed meals, and soda. On one sizzling hot Saturday afternoon, he checked his Body Mass Index to see just how overweight he was.

The Result: “OBESE!”

Something inside this math-hating, science-shunning, exercise-averse author snapped – and it wasn’t his stomach sleeve (because he didn’t need one – yet).

Devastated by the news, Mackay cooked up a dangerously low-calorie plan to start the following Monday. He wrote a diary for the first two weeks to motivate himself and capture how it changed him mentally and physically.

As the first week ended, he realized he’d done everything wrong. Then, he discovered the real key to weight loss – intermittent and prolonged fasting. You’ll be amazed at just some of the benefits unearthed in this book, which include:

  • The right way to lose weight – and why it works
  • The wrong way to lose weightand why it never works
  • How to do it yourself – what to do, and pros / cons to watch out for
  • Simplified math / science explanations even a two-year-old child can understand
  • Mackay’s astonishing Fool Yourself method, including tips and tricks he developed to destroy mental obstacles in your quest for success
  • No one said it was going to be easy.

    But… no one said it couldn’t be a thrilling, hilarious, and insightful document of one man’s weight loss triumph – or: a non-fiction Bridget Jones’s Diary meets all those Lose Weight Real Quick books you dumped in the trash because they didn’t work. Scroll back up and get your copy now. This book could change your life forever.

    Read it for FREE on Kindle Unlimited.

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