Tracking Your Weight: An MFP User’s #ResolutionReset Journey


Don’t look now, but 2016 is more than half-over. How close are you to achieving your fitness and weight-loss objectives? If it’s time to reset your resolution, MyFitnessPal is here to help with a comprehensive look at how to reassess and adjust your goals.

As part of #ResolutionReset August, we’ll be following MyFitnessPal user Kim Westerman, a mother of two in Berkeley, Calif., as she shares her fitness journey with a weekly check-in. Learn more about Kim and how she redefined her goals in her first post.

It’s true of all technologies that they can help or harm, be distracting or help you stay on task. When it comes to weight loss, I’ve always preferred the transparency of tracking my progress with some kind of scale. But many scales aren’t accurate or consistent, so even when I know I’ve lost weight, some scales just aren’t sensitive enough to reward me with this information.

The really inexpensive kind of bathroom scale that most of us know all too well is the kind whose needle bobs all around your possible weight, never settling in on a precise number. If you’re doing weekly weigh-ins, that’s fine, but many of the fitness apps available now help you hone in on the most efficient, even fun, ways to lose weight and increase fitness by tracking your diet and exercise. MyFitnessPal, an app I used a few years back to simply log my runs, can now be synced to the Under Armour Scale, a high-tech, aesthetically pleasing instrument that is as easy to use as it is appealing to look at in your bathroom or bedroom.

UA ScaleAchieve your #ResolutionReset goals with the help of the Under Armour Scale, now $60 off for MyFitnessPal users! It’s the easy, seamless way to weigh-in, and it shares your weight with MyFitnessPal so you never have to manually log again. You’ll also receive 3 free months of MyFitnessPal Premium and MapMyFitness Premium so you can reach your fitness goals even faster.

Setting it up took me less than five minutes. I downloaded the UA Record app from the iTunes store, then turned on the scale and synced my phone with it by tapping the “UA Sync” button. Then, I was able to turn on any other apps I wanted to include in my #ResolutionReset. I turned on MyFitnessPal, where I log my meals, count my steps via iPhone and add any additional workouts I accomplish during the day.

I had the option to log my data into MyFitnessPal or UA Record, as both apps send me check-in messages. But it really doesn’t matter — no matter where you house your data, the two aps sync every time you log into one of them. I’ve settled into a rhythm of logging my meals and exercise in MyFitnessPal and weighing in each morning before breakfast on the UA scale, which instantly syncs with MyFitnessPal to lay out my calorie and exercise goals for the day.

The only challenge, besides making time to exercise as much as I want to, is remembering to keep my phone in my pocket as I move through the day. If I forget, then not all of my steps will get counted. I’ve found it fairly accurate, though, in terms of tracking actual distances. I like knowing where I stand in relation to my goals at the beginning of each day, and the scale makes that possible.

So far, so good. I’m already down two pounds after Week 1, but I’m headed to Cabo for a five-day vacation. Let’s see if I can keep it up in the land of tacos and tequila.

What’s your resolution for the rest of the year? Join the conversation on Twitter. Share your goals with @MyFitnessPal using the hashtag #ResolutionReset.


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