Transfer to the Raw Food Diet for Life (New Beginning Book): Healthy Living, How to Lose Weight Fast, Vegan Recipes, Feeling Good, Healthy Diet

Raw Food Diet is a Diet Based on Food Products which Have Not Undergone the Heat Treatment!

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Many people are horrified: how is it possible?! Not eating regular food? The fact is that such food is, even more, average than the usual one, and you can quickly check this. People who chose this way of eating do not only die from a lack of nutrients and other valuable substances but, moreover, live a full life without diseases and early aging.

Did you know that over 99% of our planet inhabitants eat loads of their favorite food and don’t get ill or gain weight? Moreover, only a small remaining fraction chokes with any old thing, suffer from various diseases, and cannot imagine their life without medication. These are people. After all, the other inhabitants of our planet are fed quite naturally, don’t worry about any sorts of diets, doctors and so on, and have the perfect health at the same time.

Raw food diet is the norm. Absolute health is the norm. The disease is a deviation from the norm. ‘Normal nutrition’ imposed on us by the civilization is just a misunderstanding!

Our habits related to food are not so much the result of our free choice; they are instead conditioned reflexes, imposed on us by society. Moreover, the society reflexes, in their turn, are conditioned by commercial advertising and selfish motives.

Many people are afraid to transfer to the raw food diet, as they do not want to give up the food diversity. Go to a market or a supermarket, choose the vegetable department and look at the abundance and diversity of living food sold there. You do not refuse anything – you just get something New!

Here You Will Learn…

  • Things Happening Under the Influence of Raw Products
  • We are Defenseless to the Boiled Food
  • How to Shift to the Raw Food Diet?
  • How to Transit to the Raw Food Diet Correctly?
  • How to Make a Soft Transition?
  • Bonus! Raw Food Diet and Physical Activity (Complete collection – save $2.99)
  • Much, much more!

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