Vegan: How To Start A Vegan Diet, The Basics Of Vegan Eating, Weight Loss, And Muscle Building (Plant-Based, Fitness, Beginner Vegan, Cookbook, Recipes)

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Use These Highly Effective Vegan Health And Diet Secrets To Immediately See A Positive Change In Your Body!

Are you feeling overwhelmed, unhealthy, and unhappy? Do you feel as though getting fit and healthy is impossible? Have you found it hard to find easy to understand help online from other like-minded vegans? Would your life be better if you felt healthier and more in shape? You may be under the impression that if you go vegan you will be nutrient deficient, weak, and unhealthy. However, you couldn’t be more wrong. What you need are the basics to get you going. A vegan diet can be one of the most rewarding diets out there if you do it correctly.

I know what it’s like to eat vegan and see no results in my weight or muscle. I would drag myself into the gym every single day and give it my all but I still saw no results. At one point I gave up, I figured being vegan meant I couldn’t get the right amount of protein to build muscle or I would be too weak to lose weight. However that all changed when I fixed my nutrition.

Most amazing bodies are built through proper nutrition, not by working out three hours a day. A vegan diet is special, however. We need to be creative with how we get our protein and other nutrients which are exactly what this book will show you.

Through following and applying the recipes and techniques found in this book I guarantee you will start to see a positive change in your body. That is because these recipes are packed with protein and provide more than enough nutrients to keep you healthy. These fundamentals of a healthy vegan diet have not only worked for me, but for thousands of others who have tried them and have seen permanent success. So find yourself some time and learn the basics of being a healthy vegan, and to do just that, you need this book.

Here’s a preview of what you’ll learn…

  • What Is A Vegan Diet?
  • Why You Should Go Vegan
  • Food To Eat And Avoid
  • How To Lose Weight As A Vegan
  • What To Do If You Are Having Trouble Losing Weight
  • How To Build Muscle As A Vegan
  • Animal Vs. Plant Protein
  • 10 Protein Packed Vegan Recipes
  • And Much, Much More!

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