Walk Your Way To Weight Loss 2nd edition: The Ultimate Guide On How To Lose Weight, Burn Fat & Stay Thin With Walking (Weight Loss, Exercise, work out, … stay thin, energy, fitness, healing)

Walk Your Way To Weight Loss 2nd edition: The Ultimate Guide On How To Lose Weight, Burn Fat & Stay Thin With Walking

Walking is amazingly one of the easiest, cheapest, and safest ways for you and everyone else to get up and start exercising. Health experts all agree that a 30-minute, moderate physical activity on most days in a week is a must, and walking is one of the best examples around. There have been so many reported health benefits of walking, like reducing the risks for certain medical conditions (heart disease and high blood pressure), reducing depression, making us much happier and livelier instead, helping us all to sleep better at night (which is simply what everyone wants these days), and of course WEIGHT LOSS. Better yet, think of walking as an all-in-one package program with all the amazing health benefits. Nothing could be better than this.

The same health experts also agree on the fact that engaging in physical activities regularly is your strong foundation for good health and well being, and walking happens to be the easiest and cheapest way to become physically active. Simply grab a good pair of shoes and you are all set to brisk walk (by the way, brisk walking is highly considered an ideal moderate-level physical activity) your way to weight loss and staying thin forever. Walking burns off all those unwanted fats dangling in our bellies so they could be converted into fuel our body needs.

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

  • Understanding the Role of Walking in Losing Weight
  • Six Scientific Facts About Walking
  • Why Walk Your Way to Weight Loss?
  • Before Starting Your Walking Program
  • Your Walking Form
  • Walking Your Way Towards Weight Loss
  • Walk This Way, Walk That Way
  • More Smart Walking Ideas
  • Using Pedometer in Walking to Shape Up and Slim Down
  • Walking to Lose Weight Success Stories
  • Walking Workout Plans and How it Works
  • Additional Facts About Walking
  • Joining a Walking Club
  • Much, much more!

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