Weight Loss: 2 in 1 Bundle: How to Lose Massive Weight with the Alkaline Diet + Cellulite Killers (Weight Loss, Nutrition, Cellulite, Naturopathy)

Lose Massive Weight and Get Rid of Cellulite in a Natural Way. Once and For All. Without Feeling Deprived!

It’s not about eating less! It’s about eating right. Forget about starvation diets, unrealistic cleanses or going hungry. You can restore balance, have more energy, and lose weight by embracing a healthy lifestyle you will enjoy!

Special 2 in 1 Bundle Weight Loss Bundle!

Book 1:
How to Lose Massive Weight with the Alkaline Diet: Creating Your Alkaline Lifestyle for Unlimited Energy and Natural Weight Loss

-How to Use the Alkaline Diet to Lose Weight Effectively
-Simple Alkaline Diet Rules (How do I know if it’s alkaline or acid-forming?)
-Alkaline Recipes (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Snacks, Treats, Smoothies + More) and Other Alkaline Tips to Create Healthy and Delicious Meals
-Highly Alkaline Foods for Weight Loss and High Energy Levels
-Alkaline Drinks for Weight Loss and High Energy Levels
-Alkaline Juicing for Massive Weight Loss
-More Alkaline ‘Super Foods’ That Will Help You Lose Weight In A Healthy Way
-The Body and Mind Benefits of the Alkaline Diet
-Detailed Food Lists (printable lists + extra recipes included, follow the instructions inside)
-Motivational Tips: How to Enjoy Your Alkaline Journey and Keep on Track
-Common Misconceptions about the Alkaline Diet (it’s not about “changing” your pH…)
-BONUS: How to Combine the Alkaline Diet with other Popular Diets and Lifestyles (Paleo, Vegan, Vegetarian, Raw Food)

Alkaline way is the answer to sleeping better, rebalancing your hormones, preventing diseases, clearing your skin, reducing allergies, and feeling energized. You can do this through the power of nutrient-packed foods, herbs, spices, natural supplements and other powerful tweaks to your lifestyle.

Book 2: Cellulite Killers: Eliminate Cellulite Fast- Natural Therapies for Effective Cellulite Treatments. 
-The holistic view of cellulite problems and cellulite treatments  
-How to combine different natural methods to eliminate cellulite effectively  
-How to use phytotherapy recipes that are proven effective in cellulite treatments  
-How to employ aromatherapy and create your home beauty spa to reduce cellulite and to relax 
-How to use natural therapies for cellulite reduction as well as to increase energy levels  How to use natural food supplements to eliminate cellulite  
-How to incorporate super healthy and anti-cellulite foods into your diet  
-How to use anti-cellulite aromatherapy oils and natural remedies for beauty treatments as well as for relaxation 
-How to burn fat and lose weight with the alkaline diet 
-Yoga, pilates and home workouts that eliminate cellulite fast!

Would You Like to Know More?

You do have the power to lose weight when all else has failed and you do deserve to enjoy the energy and body of your dreams. The power to achieve it lies right here in your hands, and this book will show you how.

Get this book and join thousands of people that already use the alkaline diet and natural therapies to achieve vibrant health and lose weight!

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