Weight Loss for Middle-aged Women: 7 essentials Fat Busting strategies to regain your ideal weight in 30 days

You want to lose weight and you know losing weight can make you healthier and able to move more freely if you lose weight … yet you don’t lose weight. Weight Loss for Middle-Aged Women explores the psychological reasons for that paradox, looks at habits that may be holding you back, and offers strategies to get your weight loss back on track. Strategies such as these can really make a difference: • Avoid liquid calories. Because the body does not register liquid calories the way it does solid calories, you may be consuming many calories without feeling satiated. • Get adequate sleep. Sleep deprivation may have contributed to your weight gain and may prevent you from reaching your goal weight. • Drink green tea. Before you dismiss this as too simplistic, how would you like to burn an extra seventy calories a day without doing anything extra different except drinking green tea? That new habit, all by itself, could eliminate seven and a half pounds of excess weight over a year, a study showed. Switch out those sugary drinks for green tea to lose weight even faster.

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