Weight loss for people in a hurry: How to lose the most amount of weight, in the least amount of time, and keep it off.

At some point we come to a fork in the road. One leads to triggered weight gain and the other leads to a lean healthy life. The illusion is that it is a conscious decision to make. What if there was a “fat trigger”? This would be a biological mechanism that caused you to gain weight, seek out fattening foods, and turn off your natural fat burning hormones. If there was such a trigger then our weight loss strategy would be simple, stop triggering weight gain. The only way to find something like that would be to observe it in nature, across multiple species that gain weight seasonally, and see if there is a common mechanism. So that is exactly what they did. Researchers have observed animals that gain weight before prolonged periods of starvation and have identified one process, caused by one nutrient, in one organ that makes their whole metabolism go off the rails. If you have any fat on your belly you’ve triggered this same mechanism. This manual will walk you through identifying the exact trigger for weight gain and then teach you how to melt your excess fat away in the shortest possible time. No matter what weight loss plan you choose to follow they will all start to work for just one reason: You will eat and drink less sugar than you used to. Which means you are not spiking your insulin hormone as much as before. Insulin is a hormone that comes out when you eat to clear your blood of sugar (glucose). Known as the “storage” hormone, insulin puts glucose in your liver, your muscles and your body fat. With insulin present you cannot lose body fat. If your insulin is constantly spiked your cells become insulin resistant over time. When your cells refuse to respond to insulin your pancreas releases more insulin, your body then starts to create new fat cells (de novo lipogenesis) and if you don’t stop spiking your insulin every day those cells become insulin resistant too! This is the beginning of type II diabetes and it can kill you. Insulin turns off fat burning and turns on fat storing. Every single person who has had success with any diet has spiked their insulin less than they used to. When people start a diet they eliminate the most obvious offenders: Soda, alcohol, ice cream, french fries, cake, etc. and this leads to their early successes. This strategy is incomplete though, as it does not address the actual reason those foods make us fat in the first place. We will get to that. This program is for beginners. For sure there are benefits for seasoned weight loss veterans that have tried and failed every other eating plan on the market but at the end of the day, the less cluttered your mind is, the better. Sometimes, people who have been around a particular subject for awhile tend to filter out the parts they don’t want to hear, this is especially true for serial dieters. This program is dedicated to helping people achieve weight loss, ALL people. Even those who happen to be on a very strict budget. Poverty and obesity go hand-in-hand. Obesity is far more prevalent in lower income neighborhoods. The low cost of sugar, corn syrup, and wheat are just as tempting as the treats themselves. Have you ever been to a dollar store? The aisles in discount stores are lined with refined sugar, high fructose corn syrup, and wheat. These are by far the cheapest ingredients because they are subsidized by our own government. Our government is effectively subsidizing the obesity epidemic. I created this program with these restrictions in mind. I will tell you to eat cheap vegetables if that’s all you can afford or have time for. You can still follow the program with more expensive, organic, non-GMO foods but try not to be a dick about it. Being healthy is a basic human right, it shouldn’t be cost or time prohibitive and it shouldn’t involve social shame. This program is the most effective short term and long term weight loss strategy.

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