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Good Weightloss Blogs To Follow In 2022

Please Follow Us On Facebook @ Weight Loss And You and Share with your Friends   Good Weightloss Blogs To Follow In 2022 Given the worries many face with obesity and malnutrition these days, good sources of information for proper nutrition and dieting are a primary concern for people whose goal is to achieve a […]

Fill Your Plate Lose the Weight: 70+ Delicious Meals that Keep You Full

If you’re over 40 and sick of your never-ending quest to eat less only to weigh more, you’ll love this game-changing 21-day weight loss plan, from Prevention. On Fill Your Plate, Lose the Weight, you’ll never skip a meal, dream about foods on a “no” list, or count down the hours until your next meal. […]

Cadence & Stride Length

If you’re using cadence and stride length interchangeably, you’re doing it wrong. Here’s what to know about these terms and why they are so important. The post Cadence & Stride Length appeared first on Under Armour.

Chase Your Better Self: Week 3 Day 6

No matter how far you’ve come, there’s always room to live a better, healthier life. Katie Crewe dives into cardio and talks about the role self-improvement has played in her life. The post Chase Your Better Self: Week 3 Day 6 appeared first on Under Armour.

Color Always Wins

Chef Dan Churchill looks at color not as just a hue, but as a representation of the nutrition, flavor and story of the food on your plate. The post Color Always Wins appeared first on Under Armour.

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