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Vegan Warrior Workout Plan

The Metabolism Reset Diet: Repair Your Liver, Stop Storing Fat, and Lose Weight Naturally

Dr. Alan Christianson, top naturopathic physician and bestselling author of The Adrenal Reset Diet, introduces a four-week cleanse that heals damage to the liver, helping readers unlock the key to rapid weight loss and lower blood sugar. The path to becoming naturally thin isn’t as impossible as it may seem. In The Metabolism Reset Diet, […]

People Features: How We Lost 100 Pounds

A simple approach to fitness: A diet and exercise philosophy for regular people

Tired of over-complicated fitness programs? Don’t want to count calories, macros, or keep a food journal? Or maybe you’re intimidated with starting an exercise program. I know I was. This book is an accumulation of 30 years of trying different diet and exercise programs that aren’t made for the regular person who just wants to […]

Keto Meal Prep: Lose Weight, Save Time, and Feel Your Best on the Ketogenic Diet

Keto Meal Prep is the everyday solution to lose weight, save time, and keep keto easy with ready-to-go meals Monday-Friday. A little planning and prepping go a long way towards success on the ketogenic diet. In Keto Meal Prep, you’ll discover how easy it is to make healthy, homemade ketogenic diet meals a regular part […]

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