Healthy Eating: Breaking The Nutritional Myths

We’ve been hounded for years about how the cholesterol in egg yolks and the fat in red meat are the leading cause of cardiovascular disease, obesity and diabetes. We’ve been told that low-fat and fat-free foods are better for us. The same is true of sugar-free and zero-calorie products. We’re easily duped by labels that say “All-natural” or “Healthy.” We’ve been told that our consumption of saturated fats or any fats for that matter are bad for us. The fact of the matter is, we’ve been lied to. In “Healthy Eating: Breaking Seven Nutritional Myths,” you’ll learn how the nutritional propaganda machine has pulled the wool over our eyes and actually place us on a path toward poorer health rather than better health. You’ll learn what the real problems are and how to deal with them correctly in order to restore your body’s health and decrease your risk for cardiovascular problems, obesity and diabetes, among other common ailments.

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