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So if you have never met me before than you must know that my books are going to be slightly different than the norm. This is because I am an actual real life human being who writes from personal experience and from the soul.

So did you happen to read the title?

Are you one of those people who believes that it is not possible to lose body fat while eating what the general public views to be a “high calorie” diet?

The actual number of calories do not matter to be honest. I just used 3,000 as a reference point mainly to grab the attention of people as they are passing by scrolling through all of the myriads of cookie cutter books on the topic of weight loss or body fat loss.


I understand all types of metabolisms and how to manipulate (I hate using that word but I did anyways) them in any direction that a person is aiming for.

I know how to add on body fat on both low and high calories – I know how to take off body fat and keep it off as well – I know how to add on muscle and strip off muscle – There are no real secrets to any of these things it just takes lots of experience and application in real world scenarios.

My only mission being involved in this business is to help a small group of individuals become their own nutritionist at some point in their lives. That is my number 1 goal.

This is easier said than done in todays world were we are constantly being spoon fed nonsense from health and fitness marketers who are only out to make a buck (s) (And lots of them;)

The things that I say about nutrition can only be said by those who have put in the actual time and effort and applied themselves what they tell others to apply. People who have gone through the good, the bad, and the ugly, and make it out on the other side alive and all in one piece, have filtered out all of the hogwash that gets shat out of the mainstream today.
That is you!

You are this close (I am holding my finger one inch from my thumb!) to filtering out all of the diet jargon and nonsense and on the pathway to becoming your very own nutritionist!

You may not even know it, but I know it. I truly believe that everyone who has the desire to find optimum health can become their own nutritionist at some point. Good thing that I only have so many characters in this description or I will not ever shut up. So I will use these last few characters to welcome all of you new comers into my world.

I hope to converse with you all on the inside.

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