How to Lose Weight Fast for Women: The Exact Diet and Exercise Routine to Lose 20 Pounds in a Month (Best weight loss diet plan and exercise tips for women … to know how to lose weight fast Book 1)

If you are a woman who wants to know how to lose weight fast, my weight loss book is the right next step for you because it will reveal the exact Weight Loss Diet Plan and Exercise Routine to Follow to Lose 20 Pounds in a Month. BUY IT TODAY and Get for FREE the Diet and Exercise Routine I Followed to Lose 70 Pounds and All My Mistakes

I have struggled with weight problems in the past, so I know what you are going through right now. I was almost 90 pounds overweight at one point, and sometimes I was even ashamed to go out of the house because of my appearance.

But I didn’t settle for a horrible life, I wanted to lose weight fast, wear a bikini at the beach and everybody to admire me, so I didn’t quit, even though I wanted to, many times!

After many failures, after the first 6 months when I only lost 7 pounds, I found a weight loss system for women, I created a daily weight loss routine ( a daily diet plan and workout routine to do each day in order to accelerate my metabolism and lose weight fast), and in 4 months I managed to lose 70 pounds.

After that, I became even more interested in weight loss and women’s health, I started to study everything about diet plans and weight loss for women, I went to many nutrition courses and seminars, read over 100 books on the topic of fat loss and slowly I started to help women lose fat, increase their health and boost their confidence.

Today I am proud to say that over 10000 women worldwide have followed some of my weight loss tips and they are now happier and healthier.

How to lose weight fast for women? This is my first weight loss ebook ever written and I am really happy to share it with you here on Amazon, because I spent over a year working on it to be sure that it will work for women. I am 100% sure that it will help you lose weight fast, in fact I really think you can lose up to 20 pounds in just 1 month IF YOU FOLLOW ALL MY TIPS PRECISELY!

That’s why if you are not happy with the results or you simply don’t like the content I share in my book, I will completely refund you!

My Ebook “How to Lose Weight Fast for Women –The Exact Diet Plan and Exercise Routine to follow to Lose 20 Pounds in a Month” will teach you:

– Exactly what you must eat and how to exercise for 30 days to lose 20 pounds

– The principles of counting calories and how to eat when you go out

– 15 Super foods that burn fat

– The One Fat loss Trick for Your Trouble Spots – Your thighs, belly, butt and back of your arms – Just follow it and you will lose belly fat, get rid of thigh fat or lose arm fat easier than you have ever imagined

– The Truth about Starvation and Crash Diets

– Daily Caloric Deficit for Losing 20 Pounds in a month and how to achieve it

– The Exact Diet Plan to Follow for 30 days to lose 20 pounds in a month

– A Morning Workout That Burns Almost 300 Calories

– Recommendations about Dietary Supplements for fast weight loss

– How to stay motivated till the end

– Cravings and how to stop them

– Sleeping and how it can help you lose weight fast

– Lots of other weight loss tips for women that will boost your metabolism, increase your self-esteem and make you feel better each time you look in the mirror!

If you are decided about the fact that you want to learn how to lose weight fast, my ebook is the best and tiniest investment you can make for yourself! I have put together everything I learned in the past few years about losing weight fast in this book and since these exact fat lass routine has helped so many women lose weight, if you follow them precisely , they will work for you too!

Buy my fat loss ebook Today, and in a month you’ll get back to your skinny jeans and start wearing a bikini at the beach!

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