Ketogenic Diet: 58 Delicious Low Carb Ketogenic Recipes for Fat Burning and Permanent Weight Loss! (Ultimate Cookbook -Complete Beginners Guide on Rapid Weight Loss and Diet Mistakes)

Who says dieting is dull and boring? Thanks to this book, the idea of losing weight has become ‘delicious’. This book is written to provide the readers a whole new perspective in dieting, fat burning, and permanent weight loss. These are all achievable without having to sacrifice what people are naturally fond of doing – EAT! Yes, this book offers 58 mouth-watering easy recipes that you can instantly try at home. There is no need to be an excellent cook to recreate these dishes – the ingredients are easy to find, the methods are simple, and most importantly, they are perfect for your goal of achieving permanent weight loss.

What can you expect from this book?

1) Easy-to-understand explanation of the principle behind Ketogenic Diet

2) List of foods that will help you achieve Ketosis

3) List of foods that you should permanently forget

4) Know how Ketogenic diet can be beneficial to you and your loved ones

5) Low-carb recipes you can try, share, and experiment on

Life is just too short to waste on diet therapies that do not just work. This book offers is anchored to two fundamental aspects of dieting – understanding the concept and applying it effectively. To make a diet therapy work, these two factors should be present.

This book offers a powerful tool to those who are suffering from metabolic problems and to those who turn their lives around. When implemented correctly, the result of Ketogenic diet is astonishing. Why not start now and live the life you have always wanted? This book can make those goals of shedding fats and keeping off the excess weight for good happen. If you are ready to make this massive changes on your health, grab this book now.

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