Lazy Susan’s Complete Lifestyle Overhaul: How To Lose Weight The (Relatively) Painless Way

If you want to introduce yourself to a life that promotes looking and feeling your best, you’ve come to the right place. If you’ve tried countless diets and exercise regimens in the past only to give up in the end, don’t worry. You’re not alone. This book was designed specifically for you in mind: The food lover, the daytime television indulger, all the moms, dads, students and strugglers who just don’t have the time to hit the gym. This is not a diet book. It’s not an exercise manual. It’s a lifestyle how-to guide to being your best slimmer self. The best part? It’s practical, and anyone can do it. That’s because it doesn’t involve pledging your life to the gym or purchasing a food scale or keeping a calorie journal. It’s meant to be melded into your life, not the other way around.
The only way to lose weight and keep it off is by living the goal-weight lifestyle, which must be three things: Healthy, happy and sustainable. With Lazy Susan’s Lifestyle Overhaul you’ll learn how to transform your own life into all these things and more by using methods scientifically proven to kick stubborn fat out of your body forever. You won’t feel like you’re on a diet, because this isn’t one. It’s a toolbox of methods to learn and have at your disposal, to pull out whenever you decide it’s time to take the plunge. These methods can be applied on their own, or they can be combined to form a veritable arsenal of health. It’s your choice.
There is a process for overhauling your lifestyle to lose weight, look better and be healthier, and this book outlines it in a way that is positive and easily applicable in a step by step guide. It doesn’t rely on traditional advice or old adages of weight loss, but instead focuses on the science of the new and practical information outlined, explaining concepts like ketosis, micro workouts, fasting and how to use them properly and safely. It isn’t one specific plan but a combination of weight loss strategies combined together to form the ultimate plan. It takes you through the process not only of weight loss but of life after weight loss and how to keep up (or down?) your new waistline measurements in a healthy way that allows you to eat the food you love.
For many people, the hardest part of committing to losing weight is the amount of time, energy and effort you think you’ve got to put into it. This book offers the double whammy of practicality and simplicity by showing you how you can lose weight—even if you haven’t got the time or the desire to exert yourself. What exactly will you learn with this guide?
●Why everything you may have heard about diet and exercise is wrong
●The healthy way to eat ‘bad food’ and lose weight doing it
●How to exercise minimally for maximum results
●How to kick-start yourself and change your habits without breaking the bank (while still having enough hours in the day to do what you need)
●The secrets of fasting, ketosis and other weight-loss weapons
●What to do when you start plateauing, or fail to lose weight
●How to sustain your awesome new body and lifestyle
●How, what and when to cook
●12 delicious and healthy recipes to start you off
●And more!

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