Over 50 Fitness: A Guide to Fitness, Diet and Weight Loss Over 50 (Fitness Over 50)

Having written several successful books on exercising and fitness in the past, Elle Petersen is now back with “Over 50 Fitness”, the definite guide to a healthier life for those having reached the 50-year milestone. This book will help you with motivation, decisions, sustainable diets, weight loss, exercising, how to stay fit over 50 and how to incorporate these aspects into your everyday life. Most importantly, you will also learn to be careful, take precautions and the importance of rest and recovery. Learn all about exercise and fitness over 50 with possibly the best book of the year on the topic. This book is suitable to people over 50, but also to seniors and younger people as well, in need of a healthier lifestyle. A free bonus E-book is included with purchase.

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