THE DASH DIET WEIGHT LOSS SOLUTION 2016: Balance Blood Pressure; Reduce the Risk of Diabetes, Be Healthy (DASH Diet Recipes Under 30 Minutes).

Dash Diet Weight Loss Solution is a book that has been carefully written after a thorough research into the various methods or ways through which the diet works to cut down weight steadily, stabilize blood pressure, and improve the overall health status of its users. Dash Diet is becoming more popular among celebrities, athletes and regular people, however, there seem to be a wide range of confusion among skeptics who have little or no knowledge of the diet and how it works. Dash Diet is different from the Fad diets you are used to because it does not put you on extremely low calories – a situation that can place you in a starvation mode, rather, it helps you maintain a routine eating pattern, with moderate calories and healthier food choices.

This book has been designed to help unravel the mystery of Dash Diet, its compositions, protocols and principles, therefore the book is a comprehensive guide on how easy anyone can use Dash diet to lose weight on a long term, eliminate the risks of developing high blood pressure and enhance the overall health status. Some of the information you will learn in this book include:

  • How to follow Dash Diet protocols easily.
  • How to choose the right type of foods and recipes containing the lowest amount of Sodium. Especially if you are pre-hypertensive and suffering from high blood pressure.
  • How to make alternative food choices and substitute high sodium foods with low sodium foods.
  • How to follow a 30-day weight loss program through the use of Dash diet principles and protocols.
  • 30 recipes for DASH diet (under 30 minutes).
  • And much more!

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