The Man Diet: a proven guide to more energy, increased virility, and higher testosterone levels.

In a frightening discovery, researchers from Massachusetts found a steady decline in male testosterone levels at a rate of about 1.2% each year, independent of age. Odds are that your testosterone levels are far lower than your father’s were at your age, and lower still than your grandfather’s. Lower testosterone levels: – Increase your likelihood for experiencing low energy and depression, – Your risk of heart disease and certain cancers, – Your likelihood of being overweight and obese, – While making it more likely that you experience impotence. This decline in manhood, however, does not have to be a part of your story. In the Man Diet you’ll learn how to regain the virility that was once the norm. It’s a method of eating that you can follow for the remainder of your life, enjoying what you eat rather than confining yourself to the unreasonable restrictions that are the foundation of most diets. The Man Diet is backed by 91 studies that will show you how to increase your testosterone levels naturally, and reduce your estrogen and cortisol levels (the two primary disruptors of testosterone). This book is for guys who want to be healthier, stronger, and manlier. If you don’t want to be a part of this decline in masculinity, if you want to be elite, virile, and powerful, then the Man Diet is your guide. Join author Chad Howse in this quest to eat like a man, and live a more powerful life.

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