What is Raw Foodism and How to Become a Raw Foodist: How to Eat Healthy: Raw Food Diet, How to Lose Weight Fast, Vegan Recipes, Healthy Living (New Beginning Book)

“Very often people, not thinking a lot, just imitate this or that long-lived. For example, they resort to vegetarianism, referring to the experience of Bernard Shaw and other famous people. However, we should remember that longevity could be the result of a happy random coincidence of the individual body features and the nutrition type selected by this person.”

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One day in early January of 1995, during my trip to Europe, I opened Times and found a curious article inside. Here’s this article entirely, to the last word,

‘Along life’s diet’
‘Post office employees in one small Scottish town were greatly surprised having received a letter from Brazil with the following text: Mr. Douglas, the land will be purchased in Parana state. People are looking forward to you to come. But Mr. Douglas himself wasn’t surprised with this text: he was invited to Brazil to help in arranging a colony of… long-livers.

Mr. Douglas is a microbiologist by specialty, and by lifestyle, he is a committed vegetarian. Back in his youth, during a trip to California, he saw millennial sequoias in the park. He was astonished by the fact that no one of these trees died from old age.

People commit suicide at the table ‘with a knife and a fork.’ These words by one surgeon became a big warning for Douglas at selecting food for all his life. For many years, already, the Scotsman’s diet includes only vegetables, fruit, nuts and fresh water. He is still hale and hearty and looks much younger than he should in his 80ies.’

‘NATURISM’ (from the Latin word ‘natura’ meaning ‘nature’) is the aspiration of people to the natural way of life, close to the laws of nature. At this, ‘naturism’ provides for the maximal use of natural factors: the sun, air, water, raw vegetarian food, current physical loads. People following ‘naturism’ (‘naturists’) stop using alcohol, tobacco, coffee, tea; don’t eat the food of animal origin, thermally processed and canned food. Their diet consists of fruit, vegetables, herbs, nuts and pollen, and seeds. They consume a lot of fresh and dried grapes, grape juice, leaves, tops and sprout awns.

Here You Will Learn…

  • Food or Drug?
  • Slow Death Culinary
  • How to Make a Menu?
  • Food Should Not Be Cooked on Fire
  • Missing Boiled Food – Should We Retreat?
  • Naturism, Health and Long Life
  • Bonus! Correct and Harmful Food Combinations (Complete collection – save $2.99)
  • Much, much more!

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